The Youth Junction Inc. have been providing dedicated support to Melbourne's youth since it's creation in 1999.



This building is the last surviving factory on one of the most important industrial sites in Australia. It is chiefly famous as the Sunshine Harvester Works, transferred from Ballarat 1906 by Hugh Victor McKay, one of Australia's leading manufacturers. This photo is taken at the front looking at the 2nd level glass window as the burnt roof has collapsed. Taken circa 1996.


Opening the doors to the Visy Cares Hub in April 2007!


2009 saw the first young person access support interventions through the Youth Community & Law Program (Y.C.L.P). This program supports young people aged between 18-25 years who have been referred directly by the magistrates court. The program has helped approx 1,000 young people since its inception and continues to support young people today!


In November 2016, The Youth Junction Inc. celebrated 10 years of service and held an event to mark the occasion.


Thanks to the Department of Justice and Community Safety funding the Youth Umbrella Project, we opened referrals to the crime prevention partnership project lead by The Youth Junction Inc. and involving a diverse range of partner providers. The program operates under a case management framework and focuses on early intervention and prevention of at risk and criminal activity of young people aged between 12-24 years. The program is still operating and has seen over 230 young people since 2017.


The Youth Leadership Camp managed by The Youth Junction Inc. gave young people an opportunity participate in outdoor pursuits, develop skills in leadership and create pro-social friendships and skills through workshops that focused on peer influence, up-stander / not by-stander leadership, positive role modelling. The pilot program increased young peoples’ confidence, connection to their family and friends, services, Victoria Police and the broader community whilst providing a balance of pro-social recreational activities and valuable learnings' which can be taken away and utilised in their day to day lives. The camp was a huge success and with future funding we are hoping to see more available in the near future.