Heads Together is a unique organisation whose aim for the past 14 years has been to create a community of support and understanding for families who have a child with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

We run family camps where people connect, build friendships and escape from the struggles and lack of understanding they experience in their everyday lives.

Heads Together Family Camps are run at least twice a year for around 20 families, from all around Victoria. Camp is for the whole family with kids aged anywhere from 1-21 years. Families are not charged to attend.

Funding for the camps relies on generous donations from organisations, philanthropic foundations, fundraising events and individual donations.

There are over 700,000 people living in Australia with an ABI, and 2 out of three suffer their ABI before the age of 25. The demand for our program goes up every year which is why we are committed to raising the necessary funds to run more camps. Our goal is to be able to offer the opportunity to join this wonderful community to any family in Victoria, who has a child with an ABI.

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