I moved from Perth for better opportunities within the music industries and Melbourne had that potential. Perth was holding me back and Melbourne’s energy and vibes was what I was looking for. Melbourne have always being calling me. I only just recently picked up the phone. My good friend and I saw a metal festival happening only in the Eastern States and I just knew it was the perfect time to uproot my life from Perth.

I was living in a share house, which was not the best environment, it was expensive, difficult to make ends meet and I was living with complete randoms. A hard lesson maybe but it was a valuable one. Don’t look on Facebook marketplace for rentals. While I was still fresh to Melbourne I decided to explore the neighbourhood – I happened upon The Visy Cares Hub and went in to see what it was about and what services were offered, taking an interest both personally, wanting to know what was around and as someone who have also worked in the youth sector before. From here I got chatting with Jeremy about the Barista course, explaining some of the struggles I was having adjusting to life in Melbourne who then introduced me to Ben (YLP).

During my 2-year period with TYJ I gained council and support with a number of staff within the YLP program to focus on employment as well as study options. The team were also very supportive in finding resources to help me through the early stages of transitioning.


Adversities and Pressure

I have been through a lot in a short period of time. The biggest pressure would be my mental health and coming to terms with how I felt about my gender not matching the gender I was assigned at birth. While I have been through a lot it also means that I have accomplished so much and have experienced so much progress in many aspects of life.

When it was tough – I found it hard to enjoy the things I usually love doing such as Yugioh, music and cocktail making. I lost the passion to partake in the things I was passionate about. Becoming self-aware, really reflecting and coming to terms with my mental health. Having a strong support network helped me push through and find my fire and motivation again.

Current and Future Plans

I am studying a diploma of entertainment management. I am so happy that I just finished doing exams, now I can focus on preparing to my trip to Perth where I will be spending time with my family and friends as well as coming out to them.

It would be good to have support from my biological family – I’m not sure how they will take it but I’m trying to be positive.

By coming to terms with everything, I am able to move forward and become more confident in myself. Breaking into the music industry and being able to help different communities by being a part of an advocacy group that could assist the youth of tomorrow.


I am grateful for the amount of support I have in my circle (both within my friendship groups as well as services I access and community groups I am a part of). I am proud of how far I’ve come through the transition – being self-aware of my mental health and knowing how to deal with it.

Favourite quote

Keep up this fight, believe in your life. You can light up the night, just hang onto the edge. This is not the end, you can make it out alive.