Jobfind is proud to announce the creation of a new Youth Employment Consortium, pledging to get 5,000 unemployed young people into jobs.

Jobfind has been the force behind the creation of a new consortium of high-profile employers, educators and not-for-profits pledging to join together to defeat youth unemployment. On International Youth Day it is important to recognise that if you are an Australian under 25 you are more than twice as likely to be unemployed. Being unemployed when you are young has serious consequences for long term wages, health, social exclusion and even for the next generation.

The combined expertise of Jobfind’s Youth Employment Consortium will deliver training, support, apprenticeships, and real job opportunities to young unemployed Australians. Our partners are proactive organisations that are willing to take ownership of the problem and work collaboratively to find solutions. We are pleased to announce our partners include:

Australian Retailers Association, Angus Knight Institute, Future Minds Network, Ladder, MAS National, MEGT, Mission Engage, Programmed, Real Futures, Squad, TAFE Directors Australia, WPC Group, Youth Development Foundation and Youth Junction Inc.

Angus Knight CEO, Cameron Judson said “Youth unemployment is Australia’s most serious social and economic challenge and Jobfind’s Youth Employment Consortium aims to deliver real change by combining the forces of many different businesses to focus on the issue of youth engagement, skills and employment. As a business, our strength has been built on the exponential power of the partnerships we build with experts in their field. With Jobfind CEO, Karena Newland, I am really excited about how we together deliver real hope, skills and employment outcomes for young people”

Australian Retailers Association CEO Paul Zahra said "The retail industry employs more than 1.2 million people which accounts for 10 per cent of the entire Australian workforce. We employ more young people than most other industries, providing most Australians with their first employment experience. COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns have impacted young workers particularly hard so we applaud this new initiative which will help get more young Australians back into jobs."

Assistant Minister for Youth and Employment Services, The Hon Luke Howarth said “I am heartened to see grass roots initiatives like Jobfind’s Youth Employment Consortium tackling youth unemployment. I hope to see you reaching the goal of 5,000 young unemployed into work.”

2021 Young Australian of the Year Finalist and CEO of Future Minds Network, Nathaniel Diong joins Jobfind’s Youth Employment Consortium as our first Youth Ambassador to work in concert with our consortium partners to improve opportunities and collaboration in addressing youth employment and skills training issues. 

Jobfind Youth Employment Consortium Ambassador Nathaniel Diong comments: "85% of the jobs young people will work at in 2030 don’t even exist yet. Above all, we need to equip young people with the skills to adapt to uncertainty - and we can do that through entrepreneurship education. We're excited to be working with Jobfind and the consortium to tackle youth unemployment head- on for young people across Australia.”